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Nathan Fleming

West Plains
PLTW Biomedical Facilitator

Nathan Fleming started teaching high school science in 2000. Because he taught his first ten years at two small rural schools, he has learned the value of strong student relationships and gained experience teaching nearly every subject. In 2004 Fleming started an ongoing comprehensive ACT coaching program that helps students earn more financial aid and increase their acceptance rates.  Serendipitous funding allowed Fleming to completely outfit labs at both rural schools from the ground up, and this experience fostered a passion for creating professional classrooms that are welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. His students currently enjoy access to a fully stocked snack and coffee bar, commercial quality soft seating, two large aquariums, many plants, and nearly every biomedical tool imaginable.

In 2010 Fleming transferred to a larger area high school, and helped start their PLTW biomedical program in 2016.  Two years later he partnered with the local hospital to start the annual white coat ceremony in which students receive customized lab coats while being praised in front of friends and family. Thanks to continual presentations by Fleming and his students (other classrooms, area schools, board meetings, parent nights, and scheduling nights) West Plains High School enjoys full and even competitive rosters for all biomedical PLTW classes (MD, PBS, HBS, MI and BI).  Thanks to the hard work of students and agreements with a state university, 114 of them have earned college credit eligibility in the past four years.  Using his professional photography background, Fleming started a Twitter feed to further promote his classes and this helped his classroom be chosen for the nation’s first live PLTW biomedical showcase in 2021. Recently Fleming has focused on creating fiercely independent student run classroom environments in which students learn and acquire the soft skills that will help them succeed in a wide variety of careers.